To 100 More
By Anthony Casperson

This, right here, what you’re reading right now, is the 100th blog post of Brushstrokes of a Theonerd. (Since I write one every week for 50 weeks of the year, that means you know next week we’re celebrating 2 years of the website.)

Deciding on what to write about for this week, I thought about what usually happens when TV series reach their 100th episode. Not all do. Many get cancelled before they get a real chance. But when a series reaches this milestone, the cast and crew celebrate. And almost certainly, the episode is a special one.

Sometimes, they take a look back at what’s happened in the series up until now. Flashback scenes bookended by the main characters sitting around telling stories. They reach to fan favorite storylines or character arcs that have drastically changed the dynamics of the core group.

Other times, the series takes a look forward. A new enemy will arise. The status quo tossed away. Perhaps even a character exit (up to and including death). Regardless, the focus has shifted from what once was and something new takes its place.

While I was tempted to do the flashback option (because then I wouldn’t have to write as much new stuff), I thought more about the forward-looking option. No, there’s not going to be a character exit. I’m the only one here. It’d be kinda tough to continue then. But that brings me to my thoughts for this week.

There’s much that I hope Brushstrokes of a Theonerd can be beyond what it currently is. Largely, I hope for it to one day be more of a collaborative effort. Posts more often than once a week, by multiple authors of various backgrounds united by the cross. And a similar idea for the sermons uploaded. My voice isn’t the only one that should be heard in this place. I don’t have the only, or even best, perspective on the beauty of God in the mess of the world through the eyes of a nerd.

I hope to be a place where artists of all kinds can lead others in worship through their artistic abilities. Though I’ve recently removed the “Worship by Theonerds” section from the site’s navigation, it’s not because I don’t value the idea, but rather because after nearly 2 years of being “under construction” you either need to admit that no construction is going on, or put something there.

My hope is still to showcase art of the followers of Jesus who lean toward nerdy. Images, songs, poems, dances, anything that brings glory to God through the nerdy passions that God has placed in us. And fully credit those who share so that we who witness it can worship God through it.

And who knows what else this passion from God can lead to. What other ideas might come to exist as we pursue the direction God has for us. After all, if many people begin to showcase their perspective of God’s beauty, then many facets of the gem will lead us to never-before-thought-of directions to move.

This is a piece of what I desire to become. But I can’t do this alone. I need others with like-minded passion to join me. (An introvert like me can only reach out to so many people.) I also need some way to reimburse, for their time, the people who join. And I need someone who is far better at administration than I am.

But most importantly, I need prayer. God is able to do so much. He put in me the desire to start this website as a result of suffering panic attacks. If anyone can bring about the miraculous through theonerds of the world, it’s him. So, I ask that we all might pray for God to move.

Pray that God will be praised in the lives of many for another 100…and another 100 after that. Again and again. As long as we have breath, let’s proclaim the beauty of God, in the mess of the world, through the eyes of nerds.