About Anthony

Anthony Casperson (technically, Rev. Anthony C. Casperson, B.Th., M.Div., but I hate sounding pretentious) is a man with many passions. First and foremost among them is the proclaiming of God's truth. He enjoys writing, both about God and the beautiful mysteries of his universe and about fictional universes built in his own head.

In his spare time (which is not a lot) he enjoys playing video games (especially RPGs), playing tabletop games, reading fantasy novels, listening to music, and  watching anything to do with sci-fi or fantasy (including the special features) .

The story is typically what draws Anthony to anything, the greatest of which is the story of God redeeming his creation back into right relationship with him through Jesus on the cross.

What is a theonerd?

My normal answer to this question is: a theonerd is someone who can tell you both why Samson shouldn't have picked up a donkey's jawbone as a weapon and why Beta Ray Bill can pick up Mjolnir. But that doesn't quite fit a total definition for a theonerd. Afterall, a person can be a worshipful follower of Jesus without knowing the full extent of Hebrew law. And one can be a nerd without being a comic book oficionado. 

The term "nerd" has come to mean someone who is passionate about a particular part of culture. This can be comic books, fantasy novels, art, dance, metal music, cosplay, etc. The word preceding "nerd" lets everyone know about what one is passionate, what makes them get their nerd on. Typically, this passion takes up much of the person's time, energy, thoughts, and money. At least, as much as the person can afford.

A theonerd is the same except their passion for God supercedes any nerdy passion that they have. It's through their worship of God that they enjoy their nerdiness. And it's through their nerdiness that they worship God. Theonerds are people who live holistically, able to grow in their relationship with God while enjoying their nerdy passion. And hopefully, are able to worship God through the enjoyment of their nerdy passion.

I'm not saying it's easy. The draw of nerd-dom often pulls our eyes away from the Creator of the universe, but when we can worship God with every part of our nerdly being, we are living in the way he made us to live.